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A New Musical

Costume Maker

Director: Jonathan O' Neil and Issac Savage

Costume Design: Katrin McNaught

Scenic Design: Megan Adair

Lighting Design: Louisa Craig

Sharonne's Tango Dress

Pictured: Jess Donachie as Sharonne, Dylan Evans as Mr. Morris

Design: Katrin McNaught

Half Drape of Dress. I padded a dummy to the measurement of the actress, then draped each shape of the bodice and panels of the skirt.

Back of mockup. I turned my drape into a pattern and created a mock up accordingly. This was the first test of how each panel would go together and how they actually looked on the body. Some proportions needed to be changed once in the final fabric.

Back of the bodice stitched together. Each panel was stitched together before the skirt panels were added.

Front of the bodice stitched together. I took darts to shape the bodice on the body. These fisheye darts got split between the panels, but lined up once everything was stitched together.

The skirt panels were top stitched into the curves on the bodice. There is two front skirt panels, and two back ones, connecting at the center back point of the bodice.

I taped off sections of the dress to put pinstripes onto the panels. Then I painted each individual stripe onto them.

Finished back pin striping.

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