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About Me

More shots of Rapunzel feat. Pascal! He’

Hey there, I'm Kaila Grenz (she/they), and I'm all about making costumes come to life! Wondering how I ended up here?

Well, it all started with my childhood love for storytelling. I used to deck out dolls and stuffed animals in any spare fabric I could find because, let's face it, no adventure is complete without the perfect outfit!

As I grew up, my passion for storytelling stuck with me. I got myself a sewing machine and taught myself the basics. Watching shows and movies wasn't enough for me—I wanted to be part of the creative process. Figuring out how costumes transition from the page to the stage became my passion. I've dabbled in various costume disciplines, from stitching, wardrobe supervising, wig ventilation and styling, draping, flat patterning, and costume crafts.

Currently, you can find me on the Central Coast of California, working as a Costume Assistant and Lecturer at UC Santa Cruz. In my free time, I take on costume, alteration, and dancewear commissions.


I earned my BA in Production Arts and Design-Costume Construction from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow in 2020.

Before that, I honed my skills at PCPA - Pacific Conservatory Theatre in Santa Maria, California, where I graduated with a technical theatre certificate in 2018.

I'm always energized thinking about the adventures ahead, creating projects I'm passionate about, and sharing the joy of costume-making with future generations of students. 

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