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Photo: Tony Curley, A Different Me

Wig is completely styled by me.

I started my base wig style with creating a large swoop in the bangs. Then I dutch braided down both sides of the wig.

I created this large braid attachment by wefting together two jumbo braids and adding smoother wefts of hair on top. I sewed in hooks to attach to my base wig.

Base wig with the braid attachment in place. Then I added all of the flowers seen in final photos

I draped a new bodice for my dress.

I made the base dress about 4 years ago and I just recently styled the wig and have created the new bodice.

All pieces of the bodice before stitched together, the fronts of the bodice are patterned matched.

Bombshell Supergirl 

Every element was patterned and stitched by me. The scarf, belt, boots, and skirt is made from stretch knit. The bodice is a covered longline with stretch knit and gold stretch pleather accents.

I patterned the belt piece using a dress form for shape.

I heat set my wig in rollers, then styled into a victory roll at the top, with looser waves for the rest

Finished Wig

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