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As You Like It 

Stitcher/Wardrobe Supervisor 

Directed by Emily Trask

Scenic Design by Jason Bolen

Costume Design by Sara Curran Ice

Lighting Design by Jennifer "Z" Zornow

Queen Frederique Dress

I cut and stitched the dress worn on the left.

Final Dress. I took on cutting and assembling the draper's pattern from mockup corrections. This design consisted of a bodice, underskirt, overskirt and French bustle, which I draped.

Bodice assembled at the side seams. I cut and pattern matched the skirt and the bodice at the center front. Also the whole design was symmetrical on each side.

I eased grosgrain ribbon onto the overskirt to create the curved details.

The skirt has a pleated front with added chiffon trim to overskirt. Grosgrain detailing was added to the final overskirt.

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