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Costume Maker

Director: Ali de Souza

Costume and Scene Design: Ken Harrison

Lighting Design: Rhys Gaughan 

 Grand Ball Dress

Photo: Rober McFadzean Pictured: Felix Forde as Cinderella, Calvin Noble as The Prince, Jamie Burch as The King

Design: Ken Harrison

Front of Mock Up. Adapted and graded down from two commercial patterns

Back of Mock Up

Inside of Base Bodice with boning channels. I backed white Satin with a Cotton Drill for stability. A lace overlay would be added later.

Base of the dress. Both the bodice and the skirt have overlays but the base dress needed to be fit perfectly to the actor before the additional layers.

I draped lace directly onto one side of the bodice to create a pattern for the overlay. I cut and stitched both sides of the lace together, pattern matching them in the front.

I appliqued lace border onto the overlay I created at the top and bottom, Then the whole piece was hand stitched at the seams to the base bodice.

Final Bodice. Power net was added in the middle for modesty. I added the pearl net overlay to the skirt as well.

Bolero was backed with chiffon and the outside was created with the same pearl net as the skirt.

Final Dress on the form. I added small gems to the bodice to help it sparkle onstage.

Ragged Dress

Pictured: Felix Forde as Cinderella, Ewan Miller as Black Douglas

Pictured: Felix Forde as Cinderella

Design: Ken Harrison

Mock up of the dress. I patterned for two different dresses, one being a red ball gown and this being the ragged version.

The skirt of the dress is made from a grey poly cotton base, then I layered coral and grey tulle over the top for a ghostly effect.

All of the patches are pinned on for the fitting stage, so each one could be moved after the fitting. The final dress ended up being below knee length with more patches concentrated at the bottom.

The bodice had each patch stitched on first, then I lined the bodice, inserting boning into the lining layer.

Finished bodice top. Each patch was stay stitched so it would only fray to the edge of the stitching.

Finished Dress. The skirt was attached to a basque and then the bodice was stitched onto the skirt with a cross stitch. The whole dress is quick rigged with hooks and bars.

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