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Into the Woods 

Wig Master

Director: Polly Firestone-Walker

Scenic Design: Abbey Hogan

Costume Design: Jacqueline Heimel 

Lighting Design: Jennifer "Z" Zornow

I was in charge of the creation and styling of all wigs for the production, including the creation of 12ft Rapunzel braid.

Rapunzel Braid

This Rapunzel wig had a base short wig with a removable 12ft braid.

I sewed several packs of crepe hair onto a base of twill ribbons. Each strand was 12ft long and rigged to the ceiling so it would not drag as I sewed the hair.

Process of braiding the strands together

I mounted the braid onto a removable clip. This creates the illusion of the braid being "cut" onstage.

The entire braid was covered with hairnets, ribbons, and finally I sewed flowers as the finishing step.

Base wig for when Rapunzel's hair is "cut". The braid piece was then clipped into the base wig.

Wig Styling Details 


Florinda. The braid was wrapped and pinned around the curls onstage.

Cinderella 1st look

Cinderella's Ball Look


Rapunzel's base wig and short hair look

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