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Director: Timothy Bond

Scenic Design: Jason Bolen

Costume Design: Deb Trout

Lighting Design: Tim Thistleton

Raynell's Red Dress

Photo: Luis Escobar Reflections Photography Studio Pictured: Kandace Flowers as Raynell Chris Mansa as Cory


Front view of completed dress, hem is finished with a blind hem stitch.

Side View

I created two pleats on the front of each bodice piece and then pressed them towards the side of the dress.

I built a the collar with a white cotton, interfaced on one side. It was stitched together, seam allowance graded, then flipped right side out and attached to the dress facing.

Finished placket with buttons and closures attached.

Raynell's Nightgown

Photo: Luis Escobar Reflections Photography Studio Pictured: Kandice Flowers as Raynell Karole Foreman* as Rose *Members, Actors' Equity Association

Completed nightgown front view.

Side view.


Each dress piece is gathered to the yoke and the nightgown is left open center front, Collar is sandwiched into lining

Sleeve with elastic.

I stitched a lap zipper into the nightgown for a quick change, then attached buttons to the outside of the center front to mask the zipper.

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