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Sunday in the Park With George

Costume Maker

Director: Dougie Irvine

Costume Design: Jack Sheehan

Scenic Design: Ruth Darling

Lighting Design: Dylan Hodgson  

Dot's Blue Velvet Jacket

Pictured: Grace Martinson

Photo: Aliza Vakil

Front View. I made two identical jackets for both performers. The role of Dot was double cast.

Back View

The front piece with bust darts in place. The side front piece is pinned on at this point.

Jacket front with the sleeve inserted. It is highly gathered at the cap

I added the collar and facing, as well as stitching on the lace at the top of the collar.

I marked the center front where the buttons would be stitched. It is quick rigged with snaps and hooks underneath for the actual closures.

Frieda's Purple Jacket

Pictured: Mili Rich as Frieda, Conall Ross as Franz, and Alyson Tharp as Celeste

Jacket Front View

Inside of the front and back pieces with all princess seams assembled. The jacket is made of purple stretch denim backed with black cotton.

After first fitting, I needed to add extra panels along the side and back seams. I patterned these from the pinned pieces in the fitting.

Back of the jacket with the extra panels added.

Inside of the jacket with facing attached. I added rigilene bones along center back, side back and front darts.

Front of the jacket with collar. This jacket also is fastened with snaps and hooks. I added a double set of buttons for decoration.

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