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First Hand/ Stitcher

Director: Michael Jenkinson

Scenic Design: Jason Bolen

Costume Design: Eddie L. Barrows

Lighting Design: Jennifer "Z" Zornow

Hannah's Brown Jacket

Photo: Robin Newell Pictured: Meami Maszewski as Hannah

Photo: Robin Newell

Front View

Back View

This is the body of the mock up for the jacket. All the princess seams are stitched together.

I created the two sides of the jacket by attaching them at the side seams and creating each princess seam, which were needed so the jacket was fitted to the actress perfectly.

A separating zipper is added in the front to allow for a quick change and will be hidden with a faux blouse piece. The trim frames the center of the jacket.

Front blouse with piping. The white fabric was artfully pressed, tacked and gathered to create fullness in the fabric.

Pictured is the completed jacket lining.

Bowery Beauty Bustle Skirts 

Photo: Robin Newell Pictured: Ella Walker and Casey Canino as Bowery Beauties

Photo: Robin Newell Pictured: Ella Walker as Bowery Beauty

I created backing that was bagged out and reinforced with interfacing. Each of the placements of the bustle layers is marked with thread tracing. In total I made three skirts, one of which is for the swing.

Each skirt has five layers of crystal organza and each of those layers were hemmed. Then for every layer, black lace trim is applied onto the bottom of the layers.

For every skirt, a complementary ribbon was stitched about a half inch from the black lace trim.

These are the 5 layers for each skirt finished with trim before they are gathered and applied to the backing.

Each layer is gathered 1/3 its original size.

All five layers applied onto the backing.

Finished bustle skirt displayed with corset.

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